Block Management

We have a managements system which is different from everyone else. This was devised over the years from being on the receiving end from many different management companies, good and bad. We proved clients with what they want, as we view each property to being different with different requirements. In fact we ask the client/s to let us know what they are looking for from us, we then tell them what extra we could offer on top of that. If we then feel we both have the same goals  then we move forward.

Good, honest and affordable property management is an investment in the long run and PS Estates prides itself in all the usual areas of property management ranging from the accounting through to the repair, payments and overall upkeep of the building through inspections and feedback from everyone.   We like to work as a ‘family’ – fundamentally that is our forte.

My team is comprised of members who work together on numerous successful management projects throughout the London area. We are successful in all our projects because of the enormous trust and confidence they have in one another simply to get the job done in the most pleasing and efficient manner. You can be assured that we, as a team, will manage your building closely and carefully, and accountability for results will never be delegated. This is the core of our success.

We look forward in managing and maintaining your building.

If you would like to have property management that is different by design, either email me or call me between 7am and 10pm on 07956 249 080. That’s part of our difference – this is my company and you can talk to me any time.